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In 1996, in Pro CD v. Zeidenberg, the Seventh Circuit stated that “shrink film licenses are enforceable unless their terms are offensive for reasons that apply to contracts in general.” Browser envelope licenses are when a consumer accepts a license to actively confirm without their consent. For example, if a user visits a blog, by visiting the site, you accept by nature the terms and conditions of posting the site, even if you have not necessarily read the terms and conditions or privacy policies listed on the site. In our study, we found that the applicability of connection close agreements is less secure because users are informed that clicking a button to move to the next screen indicates their agreement to the contract – rather than positively clicking a button to express consent. The fact is that these types of agreements can solve important legal and business problems. They can compromise a company`s sensitive data, expose the company to liability, compromise the company`s ownership of its own intellectual property, and cause the company to pay unforeseen additional fees. Three concrete examples: A click-wrap agreement is sometimes called a click-through contract or click-wrap license. These agreements are concluded on the Internet when an end user wishes to access a product or service. Before using this product or service, the user is prompted to accept the terms and conditions, often through a dialog box or pop-up window. By clicking on words such as “I accept” or “I accept”, the user has access to the article that interested him. Online transactions and software licenses typically use click-wrap agreements to ensure that users have contracts with their company for the use of the product or service. Intellectual Property and Retractable Product Licenses, Lemley, M.

A. (1994). S. Cal. L. Rev., 68, 1239. In Specht v. Van Money Pie, Inc.5, the court ruled that a valid license agreement existed between Hotmail and the defendants by click-wrap agreement. .

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