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Where the beneficial investor and the nominal shareholder, in respect of a limited liability company, dispute the validity of the contract which they conclude, in which it is agreed that the beneficial investor invests money and enjoys the rights and interests therein and that the nominal shareholder is considered to be so, that contract shall be deemed to be valid, in so far as it is not covered by the provisions of Article 52 of Article 52 of Article 52 of the article 52 of article 52 of article 52 of article 52. he falls. Chinese contract law. (b) other shareholders (with the exception of the nominal shareholder) of the undertaking recognise its shareholding in the undertaking; In addition to the statutory right of pre-emption, the Contracts Act of the PRC provides for the principle of “freedom of contract”, which allows shareholders to obtain a contractual subscription right other than that of a non-shareholder third party. This contractual right of pre-emption is exercised in accordance with the special provisions of the contract and is subject to the legal right of pre-emption. If the shareholder who grants the contractual right of pre-emption enforces this right, it will be difficult for the party entitled to the party that has the contractual right of pre-emption. Article 75 then provides for protection mechanisms for the shareholder: if the shareholder objects to certain decisions of a meeting of shareholders, the shareholder may require the company to acquire its own funds at a reasonable price. The shareholder may request the repurchase of his shares if: dividends for 5 consecutive years during which the company works profit are not paid; the company merges, is divided or its main ownership is transferred, amendment of the articles to extend the life of the company. In the absence of an agreement on the acquisition of the share, the shareholder may lodge an application with the competent court within 90 days of the vote. This basic agreement is intended to be used between two people who decide to create a limited liability company for a new company in which each will hold 50% of the shares. The agreement is on the premise that the company to be created will be created in England. .

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