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For more questions or information, please contact Seanna Mulrean. Below is a summary of some of the main features of the new spending and changes to previous 2012 editions of the contractual forms. 3. Amendments to condition 38, prevention and settlement of disputes The CSF provides for the service of a number of legal notifications, in particular: notifications of payment entitlements, notifications of suspension of work and communications on the intention to refer a payment dispute to an adjudicator. A new Article 5 has been inserted in the articles of the RIAI contracts, which provides that all notices arising from the CSF will be served by registered letter. Article 5 also provides that, where the holder provides a right to payment in accordance with Section 4 of the CSF, it may be delivered by e-mail to the architect; The new spending will be implemented as part of the ongoing work of the RIAI Contracts Drafting Group (CDG) to revise and modernise these construction contracts, which are widely used in the Irish construction market. Condition 38 does not explicitly refer to the decision. The right to refer a dispute to the decision is a legal right under Article 6 of the CCA and applies to all construction contracts concluded after 25 July 2016. The RIAI therefore considers that it is not necessary to amend condition 38 to make explicit reference to the decision as a means of formal dispute resolution. Under Article 31 of the CSF, a construction contract must provide for the amount of each interim payment and the final payment to be made or, failing that, an appropriate mechanism for calculating those amounts. .

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