Quebec Canada Immigration Agreement

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The most important federal immigration legislation is the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act,4 which allows the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship to enter into agreements with the provinces. All provinces have one or more agreements with the Minister, but the Canada-Quebec Accord is by far the largest of these agreements.5 Under the Constitution Act of 1867, the federal and provincial governments have jurisdiction over immigration at the same time, although Ottawa has priority. Given the initially centralized form of federalism in Canada, it may seem surprising that provincial governments were given the power to legislate on immigration. But as historian Robert Vineberg pointed out (in a 1987 article in the Canadian public administration), immigration had been a concern of colonial (pre-federal) governments for more than a century and therefore “it made sense that all levels of an under-populated agricultural country were actively interested in immigration.” The comprehensive agreement signed in 1991 was preceded by similar agreements with other provinces such as British Columbia and Manitoba. [Citation required] As part of this agreement, a Québec selection certificate will be issued to the selected candidates. Immigrants who settle may also be invited by the Provincial Government of Quebec to send their children to French-language schools. Citizenship and Immigration Canada issues the visa itself after substantive and health checks. The provinces also have agreements with the federal government so that they can appoint individuals for immigration purposes, much like Quebec does. 31. Canada and Quebec undertake to take all necessary measures to ensure that their respective immigration laws and regulations do not impede the full implementation of the Agreement. After the implementation of the 1976 Act, a number of other provinces expressed interest in an immigration agreement.

Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan signed agreements in 1978 and a number of others followed. None of them, however, allowed for a provincial role in the selection. In the early 1990s, the three prairie provinces and some Atlantic provinces began to worry about not being able to take in enough immigrants. Manitoba raised another issue: that the selection criteria for economic migrants did not meet the province`s labour needs in skilled and skilled occupations. The federal government, which did not agree to copy the 1991 Canada-Quebec agreement, developed the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) that would allow each province or territory to identify a limited number of economic migrants to meet specific regional needs and/or obtain priority attention for the treatment of immigration. The new programme is expected to be modest: the target for 1996 was 1 000 nominees. 2. A joint committee is hereby established to promote the harmonization of the economic, demographic and socio-cultural objectives of the two Parties with regard to immigration and integration and to coordinate the implementation of the policies of Canada and Québec with a view to those objectives. 35. The Cullen Couture Agreement terminates on the effective date of this Agreement.

Canada remains responsible for determining the annual level of immigration, taking into account Quebec`s advice on the number of immigrants it wishes to receive. For the first time, the agreement establishes a formal consultation schedule wherein Canada informs Canada of Quebec, before April 30 of each year, of the options being considered with respect to future immigration levels, broken down by immigration classes.6 Quebec in turn informs Canada before the 30th. June on the number of immigrants it wants to welcome in the coming years. 7 As a result of this process, the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act requires the federal Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship to submit an annual report in each Parliamentary Chamber before November 1 of each year, when Parliament meets, or within another 30 days after the resumption of the session by one of the two Houses of Representatives. . . .

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