Nba Collective Bargaining Agreement Faq

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For 2019-20, two-way players will receive a proportional version of 79,568 $US, depending on the number of days they spend with the NBA team they signed with. Each NBA team can sign up to two players for such contracts. The CBA essentially dictates the rules for salaries, trades, free agency, NBA draft, and salary cap based on all the rules followed by the league. The CBA also prevents the NBA from violating federal cartel laws. In case of difficult contract negotiations, the NBPA can “evacuate interest” or players can decertify which terminates the union`s collective bargaining rights and turns the NBPA into a non-union professional organization. This ends the ongoing working relationship and opens the NBA to antitrust action. As Larry NBA CBA FAQ explains: [a]ntitrustgesetz is contrary to labor laws — while antitrust laws prohibit cooperation between competitors and anti-competitive agreements, labor laws favor cooperation between competitors — such as the creation of unions and collective bargaining. This tension is resolved with the “non-legal release of labour”, which excludes collective agreements from antitrust provisions.” In addition, “the NBA draft and restrictions on wages and free agency are immune to antitrust laws as long as they are part of the CBA.” The salary cap did not change much between the 1999 and 2005 versions of the KNA. .

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