Irish Language Disagreement

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Back in Derry, Ua Bruadair is looking forward to welcoming the new cohort of students to the school in September. Although he was aware of the potential problems his school could face again without legislation, the growing number of Gaelcholáiste Dhoire Ua Bruadair “confirmed” the growing number of Gaelcholáiste Dhoire Ua Bruadair to take up a challenge. “It`s something special that people, especially children, can speak their own language in Ireland.” For its part, the Democratic Unionist Party said an Irish language law would give the language a special undeserved status. It seems extraordinary that the return to a power-sharing administration, which deals with health, education, employment, infrastructure and a number of other important issues, must go beyond the Irish language. And they hardly understand the argument that language rights in Northern Ireland should be similar to those in other parts of the UK. Lord. Morrison said these comparisons “completely ignore the key point in all of this.” Thousands of Irish-speaking activists at the march and rally More than 179,000 say, according to the 2011 census, that they know something about Irish, nearly 11% of the population, but only 4,045 said Irish was their main language. The situation changed dramatically as a result of the Good Friday Agreement, which offered some protection to the Irish language and imposed a legal obligation on the authorities to promote Irish education. However, Ua Bruadair believes that more Irish language laws are needed to ensure that ambiguities in existing legislation are removed. The Northern Ireland executive`s Irish language policy criticised: “Sinn Féin is actively working to undermine my Britishness. They talk about disrespect, but they have despised me for 20 years.

And I`ll tell you one thing: if you give them their own Irish language law, you`ll never need to come back and get me a voice again. The difficulty was solved by the scratches of the Irish word, but this was an example of the polarisation of attitude towards Irish in Northern Ireland. Then, last February, ahead of the March general election, DUP President Arlene Foster said of Sinn Féin`s demand for an Irish language law that “if they feed a crocodile, it will come back again and again and look for more”. Sinn Féin has taken up the DUP`s opposition to same-sex marriage and the mocking comments of some DUP politicians on the ancient Gaelic language to say that it exemplifies deep-rooted unionist prejudices. As an agreement approached, Irish-speaking activists confirmed trade unionists` worst fears about the ultimate goal of the legislation (public sector employment rate, changes to all signage, etc.). “In Scotland, in Wales, there is no association of Welsh and Scottish Gaelic with a certain part of a divided community,” he said. “In Northern Ireland, the language is not neutral.” However, their opponents point out that the vast majority of these Scottish speakers are native speakers who speak the language, while the majority of Irish speakers in Northern Ireland are not. But among those who speak Irish (about 185,000 people according to the 2011 census), the lack of adequate support for the preservation and transmission of the language to new generations is considered political. They believe that the language has been neglected by the state of Northern Ireland and that this has been fuelled by the perception that the language is subversive and that only nationalists “belong”. DUP municipal minister Paul Givan`s decision to withdraw funding for an Irish language accordion two days before Christmas, which was later revoked, is seen by the Irish as the latest battle in a culture war. However, with the political change in Stormont, many Irish-speaking spokespeople saw an opportunity to put calls for one action at the centre of these negotiations – and called on Sinn Féin and the SDLP to make an Irish language act a “red line issue”. . .


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