Inter-Association Mobility Agreement

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If you are a Professional Licensee (LLP) or a Disabled Mobility Licensee with another Canadian engineering or geoscience agency, you can qualify for an Interprovincial Mobility Application (IPMA) with APEGA. Not all Canadian jurisdictions have an affiliation category equivalent to apega P.L., which means that applications for mobility for P.L. require additional review and review. Professional MembersCompanative engineers and geoscientists are eligible for registration in other Canadian provinces and territories under the Agreement on Internal Trade without being reassessed. If you have a mobility application problem in other provinces, please contact Shawna Argue, Director of Registration, or the Provincial Occupational Mobility Office. The right to mobility as a member of the training varies from province to province. Contact the association you wish to apply to for information. The policies and practices of other associations are beyond the control of APEGS. if you are registered as a temporary licensee in another province or territory of Canada. Once you are registered as a professional engineer, you are entitled to mobility across Canada….

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