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[…] The most memorable side job was something called “House Hacking”. In other words, instead of buying a normal house in which I can live like everyone else, I bought a property […] Have each tenant of a Hack house sign a lease. I would treat this in the same way as leasing another multi-unit property. The only difference is that you prove the second unit. It sets out your expectations of the tenant and provides a legal document that you can use if they violate the lease and you need to distribute them. But in your daily interactions, your relationship is that of neighbors or roommates. Who cleans what, noise problems, who has access to the bathroom when; they are all completely separate from your landlord-tenant relationship. Successful execution of a plan, including buying real estate for home hacking, means you need to carefully plan your time. I see that more dreams stop because of poor time management than for any other reason. People are too busy and their momentum stops. Keep in mind that your garage may not be insulated and should ideally have some form of air conditioning.

Space heaters or pellet stoves are an option for heat. But unlike cellars that stay cold both underground and as the deepest point in the house, garages may also need cooling. However, window units are an option to avoid adding pipes. Before you think that all home hacks are so nasty, remember that it was ultra ugly. My motto in real estate is ugly, the better (because you get it cheaper). And it was clearly the worst property in a decent neighborhood near the Clemson University campus. One last drawback: House Hacking requires you to live in the property, which means that every time you buy a new property to hack, you have to move. This book is a collaboration between Chris Lopez, Joe Massey and Jeff White. All three of us share many common convictions in favour of investment. You will soon realize that we also have our different points of view. Guess what? There is no “right” way to invest.

This statement is even more valid for farm hacking, as you reconcile your personal housing needs with investment real estate. One of the goals of this guide is to educate yourself to help you find the “right” path for you. Some have called me “happy” to have found such an awesome roommate. But the truth is, I carefully checked Erika, compiled tenant screening reports on her, and asked dozens of questions about her personal habits and lifestyle. And she grilled me in return to make sure we fit together. In the early 20s as a bachelor`s degree, I lived cheaply and knocked over houses. I was actually living in the spare room at my friend and partner`s house. My bed was in the corner, surrounded by storage boxes! It was cheap accommodation, but I wanted to have my own place. And since I liked paying little or nothing to live, a house hack was a perfect choice. Most hackers start with the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

This is the database of properties for sale that only real estate agents can access. Your agent can browse all the current properties that match your criteria. You or he can also set up a filter search that notifies you when a new property that meets your criteria is put on the market. Finding real estate deals is like a treasure hunt. First, you need to know what you are looking for. Secondly, you have to return a LOT of stones in search of a gemstone. If you don`t have time to invest in advance to find a good deal, House Hacking could be something you should postpone for now. A report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2015 shows that 19.2 percent of the average U.S. household`s spending was for housing.

The actual figure averaged US$10,742 per year or US$895 $US per month….

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