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72 eAgreements differences in Japan. 72 witnesses (Brazil only). 73 e A gr e e me n t U u r r G u i i i i de 5 The eAgreements intelligent client and web tool This manual aims to show Microsoft partners how to electronically create different types of contract packages (agreements) with eAgreements and send them to customers for verification and signature. 6 countries with more than one type of partner for a program must select these fields. 4. Select the desired version of this contract program. 5. Check the type of partner. 6. Check the language of the contract. 7. Select the most appropriate explanation that describes what you want to do. NOTE: If you simply select Create Record, you must specify a valid framework contract number.

If you select Create a framework agreement and a record under an existing MBSA, you must provide a valid MBSA (Microsoft Business Service Agreement) number. 8. Click Next. Navigate by eAgreements After selecting an organization and program for your contract package, complete the package by navigating through the different eAgreement sections using the buttons in the top menu bar. Customers with these types of agreements have six buttons: Service Provider License Agreements (SPLA) Enterprise and Enterprise Subscriptions (Corporate or State/Local Government) e Gr e me n t e r G u i i of 10 Customers with these types of agreements have an additional button to select a section called Offers: Open Value Open Value Subscription Enterprise Server Cloud Enrollment (SCE) Enterprise SCG Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) Select More Symbols on The Show the status of each section of your package button: A green check mark on the button means that the section is complete. Enterprise-wide Open Value and Open Value Subscription are commitment-based agreements for commercial and government organizations that want to obtain an organization-wide license over a period of a year or two. Software Assurance is included. Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement are obligation-based licensing agreements for commercial organizations that sign a new registration with 500 or more users/devices*, and government organizations with 250 or more users/devices. . .


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