Double Degree Program Agreement

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Typically, in a dual degree program, both participating institutions reduce the time that must be spent at each university. The usual dual bachelor`s degrees include engineering and economics programs, engineering and economics programs such as business and computer science. They often need 4-5 years, instead of 7-8 years, to conclude separate degrees. Dual postgraduate degrees are JD-MBA degrees and MBA and JD degrees, in combination with fields such as politics, economics, urban planning, and international relations. Many medical schools also offer MD or DO degrees common with JD and MBA programs as well as a series of MA programs. Students obtain a degree from Indonesia University (for the Bachelor of Medicine) and another from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (for the Master of Research) in collaboration with the Medical Doctor (M.D.), which was obtained during the professional phase that followed after the end of his time abroad. Considered a fast-track initiative, students can complete both their bachelor`s and post-baccalaureate masters in just four years. Less research-oriented students have the opportunity to continue their studies in Australia, with the University of Melbourne and Monash University both awarding the Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSc). This medical program has been established since 1999 and is only available through IU`s international courses with english-language teaching media.

Offer many double degrees, including double degrees for juris doctor and master of business administration, as well as double degrees for Master of Social Work and Master of Public Policy. [11] In Canada, Australia and increasingly Hong Kong, many candidates for teaching study simultaneously for a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education. These are called “concurrent” education programs. Many double degree programs exist in France, especially with university universities such as ParisTech. [6] One of the best-known programs is the dual degree in engineering and management conducted by École Polytechnique and HEC Paris. [7] [8] Dual degree bachelor`s programmes are more common in some countries than in others and are generally found in countries whose higher education systems follow the British model. [Citation required] Dual master`s programs are more widespread. Interest in dual degree programmes between Member States has spread across the European Union, as acquiring qualifications from more than one country is seen as an advantage in the European labour market. South Korea>Corée Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) – Double Degree Ingénieur Polytechnicicien Program and PhD>Kyung Hee University – Double Degree Master (Flat Display and Large Area Electronics) Other faculties of Universitas Indonesia, such as Law, Engineering, Communication and Economics seem to have followed with their own 2+2 programs, which offer double degree programs with two parallel bachelor`s degrees in similar fields or Related…

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