Confidentiality Agreement With Consultant

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The clause should also require that all communications with the government by the consultant be unblocked by the client or his lawyer. The reservation should contain language that provides that, if the adviser considers that he or she must communicate immediately with a governmental authority before obtaining such consent, he or she shall give the client or lawyer a reasonable opportunity to make such communication first and, in any event, shall urge the adviser to inform the client immediately of such communications. (a) Consultant Work Product means all material products, data, reports, information recorded by any means, documents, written materials and any other work product or part thereof, including drawings prepared, generated or provided by the Consultant in connection with the provision of the Services by the Consultant (“Work Product”). All work products are the exclusive property of the customer. The consultant thus transfers to the client all rights, title and interest in all work products, including all copyrights in this work product. (c) The Advisor may not provide, disclose or report, or to any other federal, state or local government or authority, or to any other person or public or private entity, any work products or non-public information obtained or produced in accordance with this Agreement, without (i) express written permission from the Client or (ii) a judicial or administrative injunction that requires the disclosure of work products or non-public information obtained or produced in accordance with this Agreement. In the event that the advisor considers that he is required, under the legislation in force, to disclose a work product or non-public information, or that a judicial or administrative order is served on him requiring the disclosure of a work product or non-public information, he will immediately inform the client in writing and, in accordance with the client`s instruction, prior to the publication of such a summons or convocation. respond to the judicial administrative injunction, appeal or contest and cooperate fully with the client to respond to such a subpoena or a judicial or administrative injunction, challenge or challenge you. Neither the Adviser nor its affiliated undertakings may communicate a work product or non-public information to natural or legal persons, or use a work product or non-public information, or authorise its use to support private interests not provided for in this Agreement.

The Consultant shall take appropriate measures to ensure the confidentiality and protection of all work products and any non-public information and to prevent their disclosure or inappropriate use by the Advisor or its subcontractors, or by its employees or related companies. This obligation also applies after the expiration or termination of this Agreement. “Agreements with external consultants: the importance of confidentiality clauses” When drawing up a confidentiality agreement, there is often a tension between the client`s desire to keep sensitive information confidential and a consultant`s possible obligation to communicate information to the state supervisory authorities. Reporting obligations imposed by federal, state and local laws may limit a client`s ability to obtain full protection against disclosures from a consultant. In the environmental context, for example when transactional due diligence detects contamination of hazardous substances, anyone who has “control” of the facility where the release took place is required to report it to the EPO when the level of contamination exceeds the quantities to be reported. In some states, such as New Jersey, “anyone” who detects a release from an underground storage tank is required to report it to state authorities. Under these conditions, even the best written confidentiality agreement does not protect information discovered by a consultant from disclosure. An appropriate confidentiality clause should take into account the adviser`s need to comply with mandatory reporting obligations while preserving an undertaking`s desire to maximise confidentiality and retain control over communication with supervisory authorities that may be necessary.

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