Bermuda Union Of Teachers Agreement

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News of the goal deal came after Education Commissioner Kalmar Richards was forced on Monday to withdraw a claim that the GOAL could not move the game forward because it was in conflict with training days. “Teachers are not allowed to participate in the meeting because the professional development was planned at the same time as the meeting,” Richards said. Charles said: “To say that we have reached an agreement is a kind of half-truth. CMC, HAMILTON ( ) — Bermuda professors have voted to cut salaries by 10 percent for a year, as the government faces the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. “We closed this so that at least our teachers could get the 2 percent – that`s the main reason we suspended negotiations. He said a 2 percent salary increase was offered to teachers, which was accepted after other public service unions accepted the same amount. The training days planned for the teachers who participated in the goal meeting are postponed. Parliamentarians from the House of Assembly and senate approved a one-year reduction in salaries of 12.5% and a suspension of payments to the public service pension fund for the same period. “We didn`t say we reached an agreement because there are a number of other important points that we need to bring back to the table to discuss.” Mike Charles, the general secretary of the Union of Bermuda, said negotiations with the government had “taken a break” after an agreement was reached on three issues.

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