Ax 2012 Trade Agreement Lead Time

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Will commercial agreements for the purchase seek or use the best delay for an item? Thank you for clearly explaining all these names of “delivery dates” 🙂 In our company – we will use CTP, but we discovered a strange behavior of CTP in the following case: 1. A “Product_A” item is created, which has only one line in the parts list – > an item – “Material_B” (for Product_A is not defined route) – 1 Material_B for 1 piece Product_A; 2. Material_B is purchased and has a delivery time of = 14 calendar days; 3. Currently, two Material_B are in stock; 4. The 2-piece customer order line Product_A is established with a confirmed shipping date 4 weeks in advance (longer than the delivery time of Material_B) defined by CTP as a method of verifying the delivery date; 5. To the extent that – if good – CTP allows to set the shipping date as acceptable 4 weeks in advance; 6. The following order line for Product_A is established for 1 unit and the expected confirmed shipping date is 10 days in advance (within the delivery time for Material_B); 7. ATTENTION!!! CTP offers to accept the earliest available shipping date 14 days in advance (Material_B) 10 days in advance. Why am I waiting for this? There is stock of Material_B (2 pieces) already in stock for the delivery of 1 Product_A within 10 days – and – there is enough time to buy the next piece Material_B for the delivery of 2 pieces Product_A within 4 weeks (longer period than LT for Material_B)! But CTP does not allow a shipping date 10 days in advance! Do you know if MS has resolved this error? Or is there another solution for the correct calculation of the CTP in the situation described above? So my rule of thumb is this: don`t use deadlines for purchase price agreements unless you have multiple suppliers for the same item; and set the purchase time of the default order setting to the pre-delivery time of the main supplier. I just made a contribution on the production times of the planning of the mastery of the coverage of articles and I told myself that I would go ahead and talk about the purchase deadlines.

When I learned from master planning on (Axapta version 3), I was told: “Don`t use working days to buy deadlines – your agendas represent your working days, not your suppliers”. I really don`t know if this is good advice or not, but to this day I tend to use calendar days for purchases. So if I have a trade agreement and the only difference is the delay and this supplier is 2. he would choose the first regardless of the time frame. Before this date, it would be best to structure the commercial agreement with the supplier with the best time and start from there. Tom, little question….

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