Wandsworth Council Tenancy Agreement

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Most new tenants will start their rent as introductory tenants. This is a trial period and usually takes 12 months. If you do not break any of the rental conditions during this period, you will automatically become a flexible fixed appointment or a secure tenant. In most cases, you will be a flexible temporary tenant. As a general rule, unsecured rental contracts are either leases related to your workplace or are granted if you have temporary accommodation. In this type of rental, you do not have the same rights as flexible temporary tenants or periodic secure tenants. In certain circumstances, you are offered a secure periodic rental agreement, z.B if you are offered a rental agreement in a protected residence or if you were a term tenant before April 1, 2012 and the transfer. With this type of rent, you keep your home for as long as you like, unless there is a legal reason why the Council must take it back (a “reason to own” in the Housing Act). If you want to get married or enter into a life partnership, change your name or establish a joint lease with your partner, talk to your housing manager. You must justify a name change (z.B your marriage certificate). Cancel your lease at any time by terminating us in writing for 28 days. The end date must be a Monday.

If you are a tenant, a tenant can terminate the lease by informing us in the same way. Rental conditions include information on topics such as the maintenance of your property and common areas, your garden and balcony, decoration and improvement, the breeding of pets, the behaviour of visitors and household members and access to the Council and contractors. You must also pay for repairs or other work that we must perform at the end of your lease, which were your responsibility or that were caused by a violation of your rental conditions. They should not only obtain the authorization under the rental conditions, but also check whether planning permissions or other authorizations are required. If you are already a tenant, you can only create a rental agreement for yourself. B if you broke up with your partner. Contact your housing manager again to discuss the options available. A flexible lease lasts for a fixed period (usually for an initial period of 10 years, then 5 years after verification, except in special circumstances). If your flexible temporary rent ends, the city council is not obliged to grant you another tenancy agreement. At the beginning of the last year of rental, we will contact you to discuss your future accommodations.

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