Sheridan College Support Staff Collective Agreement

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Andrea McCormack has been a collaborator with OPSEU for many years. She is employed in the Hamilton office and is currently temporarily reassigned as an employment investment fund. Andrea also serves on the Board of Directors of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists and represents Canada and the Eastern United States. In light of the Ford government`s announcement that 60% of post-secondary funding will be tied to performance indicators, DivEx proposes that Aboriginal people convene a meeting of their College Employment Stability Committee (CSSC) to gather proactive information and plan to end negative effects on the faculty. By starting these discussions on the CESC process, which is within the scope of Section 27 and 28, we have the opportunity to influence outcomes in our universities. The DivEx recommends the CESC instead of the UCC as a mechanism for these discussions because of the timetables inherent in the CESC. If.B, in accordance with Article 27.05 (iii), a member of the CESC requests a meeting within three calendar days of the opening of the process, the committee meets within seven days to discuss the proposed downsizing, the circumstances that caused it, etc. Thanks to the CESC, these discussions will remain on track, meetings will be held regularly and we will receive information from our colleges in due course. The Discussions on the CeSC will also give us the opportunity to ask our universities for their budgets and how they intend to fill this potential funding gap. If you are not familiar with your college`s budgeting process, use the CESC meetings to get them explained. You may have read the contractual disputes of CUPE`s education officials; A strike was averted in the last hour of Sunday night with a strike that was due to start on Monday morning. And now the Catholic School Board and the OSSTF will vote in the coming days on whether they will go on strike. If they do, we will support them in the same way they supported us during our strike in the fall of 2017.

What could be news to you is that, like Sheridan, all Ontario colleges have suspended or strictly restricted international travel. Laurentian University closed its buildings and put all classes online because one of its professors found the Corona virus. Many of my colleagues in the province have reported that their universities are opening plans or, at the very least, discussions about possible building closures and online alternatives to save this semester. Earlier this year, OPSEU filed a lock against George Brown College in response to the withdrawal of personal emergency days for non-union faculties under contract. GBC did so after we applied for certification to have part-time faculties and meeting faculties unionized by effectively changing their working conditions and claiming that they were “obliged” because Ford reduced workers` rights with Bill 47. We had a hearing on October 3, 2019 before the Labour Relations Council of Ontario. The union`s position is simple: although this is a fairly unique set of circumstances, since labour standards legislation changed twice after the certification application was filed in June 2017, the college was still wrong to roll back personal emergency days without the union`s approval.

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