Dedicated Internet Service Level Agreement

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Credit exceptions are not issued if the ABA is not complied with accordingly: (a) the client`s actions or omissions; its employees, contractors or representatives, or its end-users (b) the failure or malfunction of equipment, applications, wiring beyond the minimum entry point (DOPE) or systems, whether owned by AireSpring or by the customer, including equipment or system failure or malfunction as a result of an electrical shock or power outage from the customer, when powered by the customer; (c) force majeure events as defined in the customer service contract (d) normal maintenance, maintenance or modification or implementation of the service (e) the unavailability of required customer personnel, including omission; AireSpring provide accurate contact information (f) AireSprings missing access to customer premises if necessary (g) the customer does not require releasing the service for testing or repairs and continuing to use the service on a compromised basis (h) AireSprings Terminating service due to or use of service by the customer in an unauthorized or illegal way (i) inaccurate or inaccurate network specifications of the customer. (j) non-compliance with the client`s obligations under the customer service contract for DIA SERVICES, including non-payment of outstanding outstanding amounts; Order Cancellations Due to Customer Solvency Balances Deductions All AireSpring activities due to objectives not met in this ALS are reduced/adjusted as a result of: (a) time, is due to the customer`s delay in responding to AireSpring`s requests for assistance in resolving or investigating the problem by the service (b) indicated time for implementation delays due to delays in the provision of technical specifications or necessary operational information (c) when AireSpring responds to a customer service call and AireSpring reasonably notes that the cause of the problem (i) is not due to the AireSpring network; or (ii) on the customer/responsibility side, the customer must compensate AireSpring for the service call at the price of AireSpring`s time and materials. This service level agreement (“SLA”) is effective from the first day of the second month following the first installation of AireSpring Core IP Dedicated Internet Access (the service). This ALS defines the quality of service arrangements and obligations between AireSpring and the customer. The provisions of this ALS indicate the Client`s exclusive and exclusive corrective actions in the event of a service interruption or service failure within the meaning of this Agreement.

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