Content Provision Agreement

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A.14.1 Subject to the provisions of A.14.3, the parties undertake to keep confidential all information and data they receive from the other contracting party regarding the execution of the order and not to make it available to third parties. This is especially true for price lists and contracts. This obligation is maintained after the closing of the order. A.14.2 Compared to this section of the Terms and Conditions, third parties are considered to be all companies that are not legally related to Seven.One Media. A.14.3 If the contractor is an agency, this party ensures that it informs its clients that in addition to obtaining advertising time for its customers, other performance relationships could develop between Seven.One Media and the Agency and that the Agency will be able to benefit from discounts and discounts from Seven.One Media in connection with these service relationships. If the Agency is required to do so, it will disclose all fees, rebates and rebates it receives to the customers it serves and, if necessary, pass them on. Through appropriate confidentiality agreements, the Agency ensures that the customers it serves do not pass on to third parties the information they receive during the performance of the contract. Disclosure by the Agency to an auditor mandated by Agency clients for the purpose of conducting media audits and performance calibration is permitted if that auditor has given written assurance that it is confidential, data protection and data security, and that it is complying with the law on cartels and abuse of dominance. In the context of an audit or comparative evaluation, the Agency or the statutory auditor may not disclose any information that would allow the recipient to draw conclusions about the terms and conditions of individual advertisers.

The information may not be disclosed or disclosed to competitors of Seven.One Media. A.12.1 When the parties agreed that the production of the corresponding service (z.B. promotion/commercial) would be carried out by Seven.One Media, a Seven.One Media corporation, or by an affiliate of Seven.One Media or Seven.One Media, all intellectual property rights related to the service remain. A.12.2 The contractor provides Seven.One Media with appropriate video material, graphic and textual material, as well as, where appropriate, audio and music material for production and/or placement or broadcast, free of charge and in a timely manner, but no later than two calendar weeks, and in the case of HbbTV advertising, no later than four calendar weeks prior to the scheduled placement or broadcast.

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