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These are additional agreements negotiated after the Uruguay Round and annexed to the general agreement on trade in services. There is no “first protocol.” The corresponding appointments can be ordered at the online bookstore. “compliance assessment,” the method used to determine whether a product meets the requirements of a technical regulation or standard. Under the OBT agreement, the compliance assessment includes: 10.8.1, the publication of texts other than those of the member; Since then, negotiations have produced additional legislation, such as the Information Technology Convention, services and membership protocols. New negotiations were initiated at the Doha Ministerial Conference in November 2001. Most WTO agreements are the result of the 1986-1994 Uruguay Round negotiations, which were signed at the ministerial meeting in Marrakech in April 1994. There are about 60 agreements and decisions with a total length of 550 pages. The Final Act, signed in Marrakech in 1994, is like a cover. Everything else depends on that.

First, the WTO agreement (or the WTO agreement), which serves as a framework agreement. The annex contains agreements on goods, services and intellectual property, dispute resolution, the trade policy review mechanism and multilateral agreements. Commitments are also part of the Uruguay Round agreements. An overview of the OBT agreement, the FAQs, the full legal text of the agreement and the decisions and recommendations adopted by the OBT Committee since 1 January 1995. Special and differentiated provisions in the legal texts: 15.4 No later than the end of the third year following the entry into force of the WTO agreement and at the end of each three-year period following, the committee reviews the implementation and implementation of this agreement, including transparency provisions , to recommend an adaptation of the rights and obligations of this agreement, to the extent necessary to ensure the reciprocal economic benefit and the balance of rights and obligations, without prejudice to the provisions of Article 12. In light of, among other things, the experience gained in implementing the agreement, the committee submits proposals for amendments to the Product Council, if necessary. 10.7 When a member has reached an agreement with another country or country on issues related to technical regulations, standards or compliance assessment procedures that could have a significant impact on trade, at least one member of the agreement informs the other members, through the secretariat, of the food products covered by the agreement and a brief description of the agreement.

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