What Is Business Centre Agreement

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5. We do not give any assurance as to the security of our network (or the Internet) or the information you place on it. You should take all security measures (for example. B encryption) which you think are appropriate. 32. Confidentiality. The terms of your agreement are confidential. None of us can disclose them without the consent of the other, unless required by law or by an administrative authority. This commitment will continue after the end of your agreement.

30 employees. While your agreement is in effect and for six months after its end, you cannot offer or offer employment to any of our employees (including employees of the South West Communications Group). If you do, we estimate our loss to be the equivalent of an annual salary for each of the employees involved and you must immediately pay us damages of that amount. Vii. It is expressly agreed by this and states that, unless expressly affected, office services to be provided under this contract are provided by the Centre, allowing it, at its sole discretion, to authorize other clients to use or share jointly one of the office services agreed to for that purpose. 26. To terminate your agreement. Each of us can terminate your contract on the end date or end of a three-month extension period, having at least two months ahead of the other.

1. An individual or business may become a member of this Allstate business centre – a division of Allstate Comserve P.Ltd. by paying the deposit tax and annual subscription from time to time. A registration form is filed with registration fees and sent to the Centre. The receipt of the application form duly completed by the centre and the corresponding assessment is considered to be the acceptance of these conditions and of a subsequent agreement. Headquartered in _____Die exercise of the business for the creation of the Business Centre, with its Mr.____ Son of M. – which, at the age of about ___years, is referred to as the “licensee” (the term to be referred to, unless it is repugnant in the context, means and include the rights holders, administrators and licensed assignors) of Part 23. Our responsibility. We are not liable for losses resulting from non-service performance as a result of cancellations, disruptions, strikes, delays, loss of staff, termination or any other interest in the building containing the Business Centre, or in any other way, unless we do so intentionally or negligently.

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