Violent Agreement Definition

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[:24] In this episode, I talk to Terrence Donnelly and Joshua Imel, co-founders of Teeps, a growing company here in Orlando, FL, that transforms business by mobile. I asked Terrence and Joshua to get into the show and tell their story, which fascinates me, because they really are a great example of how a co-founding team did NOT allow people to end their business. They tell how they were in a group and that they traveled the country together, JOSHUA: It was interesting. We had long hair. LAURA: Wow. Long hair. Oh, really? How did I not see pictures of that? Well, they`re out there. Probably on Facebook or maybe Myspace. to do business together. We talk about how they had their different perspectives, their horizons and their philosophies in one point in regular arguments that they then found useless, TERRENCE: And I would say, “Okay, we have to move the team.” And he`d say, “Okay, we can`t push the crew away.” And we`d literally go back and forth for hours. [1:29] and how the way they communicated allowed them to move away from what I call the “violent agreement” to achieve true direction.

And so, yes, it was a big change. And honestly, I don`t think we`ve had a real fight in four or six months. You`re also talking about a sustainable balance as a fundamental value, including for a start-up – huh? I know, it`s great, right? The way I am able to quantify what was going on around me when I was in a situation where it was not sustainable. For, and only observed, the damage it can cause to an organization. Not just to the man, and especially to the people, who only realized while they were doing damage until it was too late. And how, by really listening to each other, they have contributed to each other`s growth and development as a leader and business owner. So let`s go, this is Teeps. Okay, thank you for being here. I would like to give them the opportunity to run. Of course. Uh, I`m Terrence Donnelly.

And I`m CEO and co-founder of Teeps. And I`m Josh. And I`m the co-founder of Teeps. I deal with business and marketing. That`s impressive. It`s great to have you here. All right, tell me about Teeps. Of course I do. We are a mobile application development agency. Companies are setting us up to transform their mobile business.

To, for example, companies like Orlando Health, for, companies like The Orlando Magic, they need an innovation team to build a mobile application for them and create a mobile experience, um, but they have too much in-house to do it. Then they`ll hire us to be this team. It`s great. I love the way you said it. “Because your first response was that you were transforming the business through mobile devices. Is that what you said? I love it. It`s in our work with Fervr. Oh, that`s cool. Mr. Fervr. Understand, you know how to communicate, which we do a little better.

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