Usu Dean`s Scholarship Agreement

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The USU accepts simultaneous registration credits for usU admissions. However, no simultaneous registration credit is used for a student`s assessment of university scholarships. This includes young people and transfer students who arrive. Newcomers to the USU receive a scholarship based on high school GPA and ACT/SAT test results. Transfer students receive a scholarship based on the college GPA and credits earned after high school graduation. The WUE Governor`s Grant Decree (pronounced “woo-ee”) is the Western Undergraduate Exchange and is coordinated by WICHE. The WUE is a regional agreement on reciprocity of studies, which allows students from wiche countries to enrol in some 145 public institutions of two and four years participating in 150% of the resident education of the registration institution. WuE is the largest program of its kind in the nation and has been in service since 1987! WUE is not a short-term exchange – it should be used for full measurement. Your scholarship will be applied to your student account, no matter how many credits you take.

If you are below the credit requirements, it can be cancelled for future semesters. If you take more than 18 credits, your scholarship will also apply to your tuition. Our office usually finds students enrolled in more than 18 credits and can customize your scholarship. You can also call to inform us that you are registered in more than 18 credits and that we can adjust your scholarship accordingly. Congratulations to the fellows and wish them a new success! The grant of the governor of the Ulyanovsk region was named after Evgeni Mikhailovich Chchukov was appointed of USU students Dmitry Belov, Regina Vagapova and Elizaveta Gribanova, students from the Angelina Yunusova Graduate School of Medicine, Daria Butylkina, Alla Zakharova and Marina Matyushkina, student Rizida Sharafuti Victornova and professors. Next Admissions Scholarships are awarded once when students are admitted to the USU. In most cases, they cannot be extended. Students may apply for other scholarships at the USU or for private scholarships in order to continue to receive assistance.

Alumni Legacy Scholarships Awards are limited and are distributed on a First Come, First Serve basis. The prize is an eight-month renewable scholarship of $6,908 per semester for newcomers. A scholarship for non-resident high school seniors who are sanitized on the basis of cumulative GPA and course strike. The list of fellows nominated for the Ulyanovsk region`s governor`s scholarship has been approved. The scholarship is paid monthly from 01.01.2016 to 31.12.2016. We also recommend that you fill out an FAFSA form for financial assistance. A link on the stock exchange`s website can be provided. Some scholarships use FAFSA form information.

If you are below your MPA requirements and have not been below previous requirements, you can apply for a conditional sentence after being notified that your scholarship is cancelled for a low MPA.

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