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Students from third countries or with whom Germany does not have a social security contract must pay for health insurance. The Erasmus (European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) is a student exchange programme set up by the EU in 1987. It is an important part of the EU`s lifelong learning programme. Erasmus student mobility is based on “inter-institutional agreements” between host institutions and host institutions. The Master of Economics currently has such agreements with the following economic services in Europe: Contact Sebastian Herdtweck to determine which economics courses are recognized by the Ministry of Economics at your host university. Please send Mr. Herdtweck a list of courses you are interested in and links to the content of each course (z.B.pages of course catalogue, recommended literature, etc.). Approved courses can be included in your apprenticeship contract, which must then be signed by you and your exchange coordinators at the University of Mannheim and its host institution. If you wish to take courses from other studies, you must enter into an apprenticeship agreement with the relevant department of the University of Mannheim and send a copy to your department exchange coordinator.

If you want to participate in an Erasmus exchange and change courses, you need to update your learning agreement with the “Learning Agreement Changes” form you find on the online mobility portal. Please send a copy of the signed form to Mr. Herdtweck during the first seven weeks of your study abroad. Recognition of economic studies programs in the field of basic choice requirements and courses in a discipline: however, you should cite only universities on which you have sufficient denominations. A change of venue after the allocation of places is not possible. If you receive a commitment, you must declare within about a week if you wish to accept the location. This declaration of acceptance is mandatory. Please indicate in your email that you have been abroad via the ERASMUS program. With regard to the recognition of the results of undergraduate students participating in an exchange under the ERASMUS programme, the procedure to be followed is: these documents must be collected in accordance with the commitment and forwarded (on request) to the host university.

You must download a learning agreement on online mobility before starting teaching at your host university, which bears the signatures of you, Mrs. Cischinsky and the host university. That`s why you should conclude the apprenticeship contract as soon as you know what courses are offered at the host university during each semester. You will find the required form in Mobility Online (a portal of the University`s Department of Foreign Affairs where you have already registered for an application abroad). You will find a list of all the programs open to master`s students, with more detailed information on each of them on the International Office website. Students who go abroad in the year 2020-2021 are eligible for the Erasmus scholarship. This applies regardless of whether the rankings start before or after the payment date of December 31, 2020 and extend before and after that date. Erasmus mobility assistance, provided by the European Commission and paid by the University of St Andrews, contributes to the increased costs associated with studying or working abroad for loans. For internships after the academic year 2020-2021, we expect more new developments. The latest information on mobility funding is available on the Erasmus page. Once you have asked the university to recognize your credits, the next steps are usually as follows: CHECKLIST for the ERASMUS 2020/21 stay The University of Mannheim offers a large number of international exchange programs that are not specifically focused on a program or department – they are open to students from all walks of life.

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