Tesla Reservation Agreement

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“We will set your booking order at our sole discretion. We may refuse reservations to be added or as we deem appropriate at our discretion. If your booking is refused or if we decide to cancel your booking, you will be informed and your booking will be refunded.┬áDon`t make a mistake, Tesla intends to build the Model 3 and many of them. He just wants you to understand that you will only get the right to buy something in the future if you book one now. What it is is for Tesla to decide. As all booking fees are fully refunded, you have nothing to lose. They book a trip on the way to the future. Enjoy your trip, but be prepared for some twists and turns along the way. The Model 3 booking agreement makes it clear that this is not a sales contract. This is nothing more than an opportunity to enter into a sales contract at some point. He says the booking fee, which amounts to 1,000 $US in the U.S., will be refunded in full if the potential buyer decides to cancel or cancel the booking. Tesla is also said to “refuse to keep you as a reservation holder.” Perhaps you would refrain from publicly saying negative things about Tesla to prevent this. If Tesla decides it`s time for you to enter into a validly binding sales contract, you`ll let them know.

It is not clear whether all reservations will be issued within this unit or whether different states will have different treaties. In recent weeks, there has been a lot of discussion about getting a small number of bookings. People are fanatically interested in getting their Model 3 before the expiry of the federal Tesla vehicle tax credit. Others just want to be the first on their block to own one. One way or another, just being the first to queue up in your local tesla shop on March 31st won`t necessarily determine your place in the Model 3 queue. The booking agreement makes this clear. Tesla expects some customers to be upset in the future by the Model 3 ordering process. There may be delays. The car`s specifications may change. There could be some things that are contrary to a buyer`s expectations at the time of booking. Can you sue Tesla if you`re disappointed? No, you can`t. Forget it.

You understand that Tesla may not have completed the development of the Model 3 or that it started making the Model 3 at the time of booking.

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