Sydney Ferries Enterprise Agreement

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The International Transport Workers` Federation (ITF) intervened in the dispute and declared that collective bargaining of a fair employment contract was a human right. “I am pleased that we have reached an agreement in principle at DP World Sydney, which provides for higher wages for our employees and improves productivity to improve our level of service,” said Andrew Adam, Chief Operating Officer at DP World Australia, Terminals. The law is seen as a sign of good faith, as both parties continue discussions on tentative agreements in the remaining DP World terminals and foreshadow a full enterprise agreement. Another important benefit was the introduction of a new domestic violence leave that provides access to special paid leave for those who have suffered domestic violence and who smoke time. The deputy secretary of the Sydney branch, Paul Garrett, said members should be commended for standing firm throughout the negotiation process. “It`s not easy for delegates who have to deal with the key to their jobs as they demand better wages and conditions,” Garrett said. “Fortunately, the MUA delegates on ferries are a strong group and they have managed to maintain their serenity throughout the process. This is the first time that the EBA has been established since privatization, and despite management`s initial aggressive inclination towards the wages and conditions of ferry workers, there has been no reduction in these duties.┬áMembers of Sydney`s ferries came to Sydney Town Hall to overwhelmingly support their new business deal with private contractor Harbour City Ferries, with 97% of the 245 votes cast their vote. The agreement comes after nearly a year of negotiations with the company, which were often hostile and saw industrial action in May and June. Among other things, the Union has obtained an additional two years without forced redundancies and has seen a modest increase in wages, while ensuring that every worker continues to have a job and a career despite the changing transport environment. One of the most important achievements is the introduction of new consultation clauses that require management to cooperate meaningfully with the union and its delegates with respect to company changes, but also with respect to the overall management of the company. The EBA has also introduced oral striped tests for randomized drug trials. The three-year contract provides for an increase in wages for workers who do not refrain from resorting to protected trade union actions during the duration of the contract to ensure that the supply chain remains intact.

A new hearing is scheduled because after two days of conciliatory hearings before the FWC, the two sides have failed to reach agreement on a new employment agreement. Patric`s terminals CEO, Michael Jovicic, said the company will use the end of the dispute to eliminate the backlog at its terminals, which is expected to last between two and three months. Australian authorities have criticised the union actions and Prime Minister Scott Morrison has even threatened to send troops to break the union actions of dockworkers.

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