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Unlike divorce, separation does not end marriage. It gives them both time to work on your differences. If you want to reconnect and save the marriage, you simply cancel the court order by requesting the resumption of conjugal relations, and you will be picked up at the place where you left off. If you find that you are better separated, just go ahead with the divorce by asking for the dissolution of the marriage. One of the spouses must live at least one year in Connecticut before they can rehabilitate a separation, or one of the spouses lived in Connecticut when the couple married and then returned to permanently reside in the state, and then filed the complaint to legally separate. The Supreme Court has sole jurisdiction over the separation of law proceedings. The petitioner may submit, if he has lived there, when the event has occurred that prevents him from continuing to live with a spouse. Legally separated spouses can reconcile, resume their marital relationship and end the separation by filing a declaration of resumption (of conjugal relations) in court. Spouses who sign a separation contract remain legally married (unless they are separated), but they live apart and the separation agreement describes all financial agreements as well as custody and visitation arrangements. Our lawyers have experience in establishing separation agreements and work with you to ensure that your separation agreement offers the best result for your makeshift situation. Divorce frees you and marries someone else.

On the other hand, there is no dissolution of the marriage in a separation without dissolution, which means that the parties are not able to remarry. Legal separation is a better option for couples who want to separate but don`t know if it`s forever. In this way, if you want to reconcile, simply ask the court to remove the separation from the separation. Separation is indeterminate, but if the couples can no longer marry after separation, one of the spouses can file an application to convert the separation without dissolution into divorce. In Connecticut, divorce and separation require a three-month waiting period. The waiting period begins on the day the petitioner has to clean up the separation complaint. The waiting time gives the parties three months to find a comparison. The government considers legally separated spouses to be married. Couples who divorce after 10 years of marriage may receive social security benefits on the basis of the former spouse`s income, and the tax, estate and insurance consequences may differ from those of a divorce. If, following the separation of a spouse, he decides to obtain a divorce, a simple application to the court and an affidavit stating that the parties have not resumed conjugal relations, turns a separation into a divorce without the participation of the other spouse. Legal separation gives way to reconciliation, but in the meantime, you will only remain married, technically.

Because separation and divorce can tackle the same problems and become complicated, you need a qualified lawyer to help you get the best possible outcome. Lawyer Jeffrey D. Brownstein is a highly versatile and results-oriented CT lawyer. We offer affordable legal representation for residents of Meriden, Connecticut and the surrounding area. Legal separation is recognized in the state of Connecticut as an alternative to/or before divorce. Connecticut couples who are facing marital problems, who want to take some time out of their marriage to live separate and separate, can opt for a non-dissolution separation to work on the marriage or prepare for divorce. A Connecticut marital separation agreement can help you follow the separation and/or divorce process as you choose.

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