Secretary Of State Partnership Agreement

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This form allows you to indicate the power or limitations of the power of some or all partners to conduct other transactions in the name of partnership and other issues. By meeting the requirements of paragraphs 152.801 and 153.351 and following, and by registering in LLP, a partnership grants its completes the protection of personal responsibility described in section 152.801. The Code for Economic Organizations does not address whether an LLP should inform the State Secretary whether the underlying partnership has been dissolved or has voluntarily terminated its existence. However, on January 1, 2016 and after January 1, 2016, the registration of a Texas LLP remains effective until it is voluntarily withdrawn by the partnership or involuntarily terminated by the Secretary of State. Once the underlying partnership has been terminated, the company may voluntarily revoke its registration. See Form 704 (Word, PDF). The Secretary of State may remove from its active recordings the registration of an LLP or LLLP whose registration has been removed or completed. A close company is any for-profit domestic company or professional corporation that, in its founding certificate, states that “this company is a close company.” The declaration may be included in the initial certificate of business creation or may be added later by the presentation of a certificate of amendment. A nearby company can be managed according to a shareholder pact and not by a board of directors or a statute. Often, shareholders of narrow companies agree to limit the conditions under which shares can be transferred or sold, to distribute profits and losses in a certain way, or to set conditions for holding shares or management positions. For more information, see BOC 21.701 and following.

The founding act may also include a provision that the board of directors and senior executives of the for-profit corporation may take into account all the social purposes specified in the constitution in the performance of the duties of directors or senior managers. In order to determine the scope and circumstances in which a public servant or director of a for-profit corporation should consider social objectives, please refer to Chapter 21 of the Code, in particular sections 21.101 and 21.401, as amended by SB 849. If you have questions for social purposes, you should connect with your lawyer. The Secretary of State`s office cannot advise you on law or business. Limited liability company: To limit the liability of its partners, a general or order company may choose a limited partnership. The Secretary of State provides a registration form as a limited partnership. Online registration is filed through SOSDirect. You do not need to file a document with the Secretary of State when selling or issuing shares or holdings in your company. The offer to sell or sell shares or shares of ownership is governed by federal and federal securities laws. Please contact the Texas State Securities Board and the Securities and Exchange Commission for information on the need for registration in Texas or the Federal Securities Act.

The Secretary of State has developed a guide to determining the types of eligible entities (PDF). Please note, however, that the guide does not replace the advice of a private lawyer and can be changed at any time without notice.

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