Pokerstars New User Agreement

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We retain authority over the issuance, maintenance and closure of user accounts on websites. Our decision regarding an aspect of your account or the use of the Service is final and cannot be reconsidered or challenged, provided that you still have the right to refer unresolved claims to the independent dispute resolution procedure pursuant to Section 11 of this Agreement or to file an appeal against us pursuant to Section 13. The possibility of real money transfer from the TSG is via the lobby (first on “cash” and then on “Transfer to Player”). To make a transfer, you need to enter the amount you want to transfer and the username of the intended recipient. It is your responsibility to ensure that you know who the recipient is and that the details of the transmission are correct. The availability of transfers and limits for amounts you can transfer from time to time can be determined by TSG at its sole discretion. RM games may contain virtual chips and/or other virtual objects for RM games (together “virtual objects”). Depending on the RM game, you can “win” virtual objects through gameplay and/or “buy” virtual objects by visiting the corresponding purchase sites and completing the necessary transaction. These terms of “real world” are used figuratively, and you agree that you have no right or title in virtual objects, whether “earned” in an RM game or “purchased” by TSG.

Any “virtual currency” or similar virtual balance displayed in your user account does not represent a real balance or reflect a stored value, but rather is a measure of the extent of your license for the use of the corresponding virtual elements in the game. Virtual objects are only in play for use. You can`t sublicens, trade, sell or transfer virtual items for a value outside of an RM game (or try to do one of those things). Such an action or action tried is prohibited and not aeig and may subject your user account to termination. In addition, you acknowledge that TSG are suing you for damages caused by such transmission or attempted transfer of virtual objects outside of RM games. You are at least 18 years old and are not yourself excluded from an online or mobile gambling site and will notify us immediately if you enter into a self-exclusion agreement with a gambling provider; We may also terminate your right of access to some or all websites if we deem it appropriate (for example. B if we receive information that you have entered into a self-exclusion agreement with a gambling operator or that you are registered in the national GAMSTOP database of independent persons). You acknowledge and consent that neither we nor any other member of the Flutter Group shall be held responsible in any way for such acts or any consequences of such acts.

For the purposes of this contract, the definition of “software” refers to any software that we make available to you or that we make available to you, regardless of the medium, and whether or not it can be downloaded by you on your end-user device. Therefore, “software” will contain Stars Mobile software, which can be downloaded to your desktop or personal laptop (“PC”). We may be obliged from time to time to take certain measures that concern you and/or your user account, in order to comply with our regulatory and legal obligations and, in particular, to comply with the rules imposed on us by the Gambling Commission.

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