Metro Tunnel Project Agreement

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Rail system and rail infrastructure packages are purchased through separate competitive alliance procedures, in which direct price competition is assessed with non-cheap criteria. Members of both alliances will generally be made up of the state, rail operators and designers and will work as an integrated collaborative team to address important project management issues in good faith, act with integrity and make project-appropriate decisions. The work includes major tunnel construction, five metro stations, station layouts, mechanical and electrical systems, as well as specific maintenance services for the infrastructure provided by the package and commercial opportunities at the new stations. Work on PPP packet tunnels and stations began in 2018. Coffey offers specialized geotechnical and hydrogeological services for the project. These include additional geotechnical studies and tests to establish definitive geotechnical interpretation reports that inform the detailed station and tunnel project. It will also help select tunnellers and build stations under Swanston Street. Coffey will also implement an extensive program of hydrogeological groundwater drilling and study studies to support the planning and installation of groundwater controls throughout the project. The Melbourne Metro Project will provide a new rail line over Melbourne CBD, with two nine-kilometre-long tunnels and five new metro stations in Arden, Parkville, CBD North, CBD South and Domain.

The project will stretch trains independently of the City Loop and increase the capacity of Melbourne`s rail network. On the line, sixty-five new high-performance metro trains will run. The project will be delivered in the form of five separate plant packages, including: In January 2017, Infrastructure Australia ranked the Melboure Metro Tunnel project as a priority project on the infrastructure infrastructure priority list. “This is an important and exciting project and we are extremely proud to be working with Cross Yarra Partnership,” said Urs Meyerhans, CEO of Coffey. The $6 billion public-private partnership (PPP) is the largest construction package for the metro tunnel and will provide the 9 kilometres of double tunnels under the CBD and the five new metro stations.

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