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In 1996, ILAC became a formal cooperation with a charter establishing a network of mutual recognition agreements between accreditation bodies. No sub-licensing agreement is required between the ILAC MRA signatory and its accredited CABs. Please follow the rules of use of the mark here. Rules for the use of ILAC MRA.pdf (size 442.4 KB) – Print a copy of the agreement for the use of the UKAS-accredited CAB Combined ILAC MRA logo; ILAC is the international organization of accreditation bodies, which operate in accordance with ISO/CIS 17011 and participate in the accreditation of compliance assessment bodies, including calibration laboratories (using ISO/IEC 17025), medical testing laboratories (using ISO/IEC 17025). (using ISO 15189), test centres (using ISO/IEC 17020), competency test providers (using ISO/IEC 17043) and reference material manufacturers (iso 17034). ILAC MRA connects existing regional MR/GWGs with recognized regional cooperation agencies. For the purposes of ILAC MRA, and on the basis of ILAC`s assessment and recognition of regional MRA/MLas, ILAC delegates its recognized regional cooperation bodies for evaluation, monitoring, reassessment and related decision-making regarding the status of signatories to accreditation bodies who are full members of ILAC (signatory to ILAC). The rules encourage the provision of local or national services, such as the provision of safe food and drinking water, the provision of energy, the provision of health care and social protection or the maintenance of a unpolluted environment. In addition, regulations improve the acceptance of products and services across national borders, creating a framework to support international trade by removing technical barriers. Note: In order to facilitate the recognition of accredited reports and certificates, the membership accreditation mark is listed below. Please click below for the corresponding MRA offers. Regional rules are managed by recognized regional cooperation bodies that work in accordance with ILAC and IAF. Recognised regional cooperation is also represented on the ilAC and IAF executive committees.

ILAC works closely with regional cooperation agencies involved in accreditation, including EA in Europe, APAC in Asia-Pacific, IAAC in North and South America, AFRAC in Africa, SADCA in Southern Africa and ARAC in the Arab region.

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