How To Say Tenancy Agreement In Italian

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Under these two types of long-term contracts, the tenant may terminate the contract at any time (but only if the contract expressly proposes this option) before the expiry of the four (or three) years by sending the lessor a six-month delay per recommended letter (lettera raccomandata). Unless the contract expressly provides for this option, the tenant may, by law, terminate the contract prematurely (again with six months` notice) if there are serious (and proven) grounds. Finally, in the absence of a serious reason, the tenant may decide, at the end of the first term, not to renew the contract. It is not required to provide a specific reason, but the intention to terminate the contract must still be declared by recommended letter within six months. Renting an apartment in Italy can take a lot of paperwork, as the owners are very careful to protect themselves when renting their rooms. It is a good idea that your agent or real estate agent takes care of you outside of the actual signing of your lease. In these long-term contracts, the lessor cannot evict the tenant if he wishes. If the tenant regularly pays the rent and complies with the contractual conditions, it cannot be cleared until the first four years have expired. At the end of the first four years, the lessor may only submit a formal written application for reburial of the dwelling and notify the termination of the contract if there are legal grounds (see Section 3 of Act 431/1998 and Section 29 of Act 27/07/1978 No. 392). If these conditions are not met, the early termination requested by the lessor (s.

3, comma 3, Act 431/1998) is illegitimate and the tenant may challenge this eviction decision in court. In specific cases, the tenant can even claim damages. Be careful with people who say, “I trust you. We don`t need you to sign an agreement for a few weeks. Any type of lease, even for a few days, should be written, signed by both parties, and contain all information about the landlord and tenant; Housing The price Whether supply or maintenance costs are included (and up to what amount); The start and end date of the lease; The amount of the deposit and the conditions for the return of the surety. From March 2014, cash payments of up to 1,000 euros per month will be allowed and tenants will have to receive a receipt each time they pay something. As a general rule, short-term leases are only allowed in specific cases, whereas Law 431/1998 encourages longer and more binding agreements to protect tenants` rights and avoid unfair conditions imposed unilaterally by the strongest party (including the minimum term of the tenancy agreement, the reasons for terminating the contract before agreed terms, rental fees, deposits, etc.).

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