General Technical Collective Agreement

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51.3 In the event of a non-level in the appeal procedure under paragraph 51.2, no other level is waived, except by mutual agreement. 23.1 The Commission recognizes the right of the association to appoint worker directors, subject to the agreement of both parties in accordance with point 23.2. This re-opening of wages should not be construed as an “opening of the agreement” to negotiations on other issues by any of the parties. 42.2 If there is disagreement over the application of this clause, the parties consult with the resolution of disputes. Subject to paragraphs 17.5 and FPSLRA, the association may present to the Board, on behalf of workers in the bargaining unit who feel aggrieved by the interpretation or application of a provision of the collective agreement or arbitration award, a class action on behalf of the workers in the bargaining unit. 5.1 The parties to this agreement recognize the mutual benefits of joint consultation and are willing to engage in discussions on issues of common interest; these discussions will not affect the position that the Council or association wishes to adopt in the future on whether to regulate the issues through the provisions of collective agreements. generally, every seven (7) calendar days, two (2) consecutive days of rest. However, if these days are divided on the basis of operational requirements, they can only be divided more than once into three (3) consecutive calendar weeks by mutual agreement. Notwithstanding point 31.8.1 above, a worker who, at the time of signing the collective agreement, was a member of the collective agreement unit, retains, for the purposes of “service delivery” and to determine his entitlement, the previous periods of service previously qualified for counting as a permanent employment until the end of his employment. All amendment recommendations must be approved by the majority of committee members and can be implemented by mutual agreement if adopted by the employer and the Union. The contracting parties recognize that measures on the issues dealt with are neither mandatory nor necessarily expected.

The parties agree that this committee will only be established if the agenda items set out in the mission conditions are identified and submitted to the employer. PSAC has reached an interim agreement that provides for a fair increase in wages, no concessions and improved working conditions for the nearly 10,000 members of the TC Group. 20.1 Subject to the statutes of the National Joint Council, the conventions of the National Joint Council of the Public Service on points that could be incorporated into a collective agreement and approved by the contracting parties after December 6, 1978, will be part of this collective agreement, subject to the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Act (FPSLRA) and any legislation (by Parliament , which, if any, is required by a statute provided for in Section 113 (b) of the FPSL. Other improvements to the TC`s collective agreement are: where it can evict other leave, as provided for in this agreement. These transitional provisions apply to workers who were placed on leave on the date or after the signing of this agreement and who were on leave. The PSAC negotiating team unanimously recommends the ratification of the interim agreement. 2.2 In this agreement, words that matter to the male sex must include the female sex and vice versa. In addition to these fruitful discussions, TC members will also receive a phoenix compensation to compensate members for the pain and suffering caused by the payroll system failure. Please read the update, which more details on the general phoenix compensation portion of the transaction as well as the extension of the claim procedure for the cost of the out-of-pocket and for those who suffered larger losses by Phoenix.

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