Cupe Provincial Framework Agreement

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“Without the support of this community, we would not have been able to reach this agreement,” Coates said. “We are committed to working with the school district to build respectful relationships.” The evaluation of employment to create benchmarks in the province (which reflects different tasks and responsibilities) is an important and necessary task before implementation. Because of the importance of this issue to our county, the Saanich School District volunteered to be one of the first pilot districts of this provincial labour assessment process (which began during the period of the last collective agreement). These general wage increases differ from the differences in pay compared to our neighbouring school districts. Thus, the wage increases for training assistants are the largest and range from 11.1% to 12.8% over the duration of the collective agreement. SAANICH, BC, 17 November 2019 /CNW/ – CUPE Local 441 members voted in favour of the adoption of the interim agreement on Sunday afternoon at a ratification meeting. CUPE members will be back in the classroom when schools reopen on Monday morning. Article 17 of the provincial framework agreement states that “the rights and obligations of local parties under this provincial framework agreement (IPA) are not effective or effective unless the collective agreement has been ratified by both parties by November 30, 2019.” If a collective agreement is not ratified by November 30, 2019, many of the provisions available under the IPY will no longer be available to the parties in local negotiations. These include funding local negotiations (paragraph 3); And participation and funding for the provincial employment assessment (paragraph 7). The parties to this agreement did not negotiate outside the provincial mandate. A low-wage repair element was negotiated INSTEAD of the Service Allowance Allowance and was addressed to a targeted group of positions, not for all employees.

As noted earlier, the District used service allocation funding in its offer to allow employees of eight of our education support families to increase by 1.53% (this and other increases are greater than the general salary increases of 6% over the three-year AFP period).

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