Colorado Sales Tax Maintenance Agreements

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If you are a buyer, note that lenders often correctly miss the subjects of service contracts. It is then up to you to assess the tax yourself and, if necessary, transfer it. The individual has the same responsibility as the companies. If you are a provider that offers service agreements, read the fine print and pay close attention to the issue. This is what the examiners were advised to do! The Department of Colorado has found that fees charged by a company for the maintenance of a computer program, including updates, are not subject to sale or do not collect taxes in a private mail order judgment. The company provided computer program maintenance services in the form of electronically provided system upgrades. The company`s services include telephone assistance and on-board services, which are grouped and invoiced into a single unventilated fee. The company does not sell taxable computer software. Even if physical personal property is provided when the company provides its maintenance services by computer, it is considered de minimis, as the real purpose of the transaction is to provide the service. The company`s fees for maintaining the computer program, support services and updates are not subject to Colorado sales or user fees. (PLR 18-003, Colorado Department of Revenue, December 20, 2018).

Insurance policies are not taxed, but distinguishing between an extended warranty or maintenance contract and an insurance product can be very difficult for retailers and accountants. An important point that we need to focus on is the transfer of the risk of loss. Another problem is the deficiencies or quality problems in relation to accidents. These lines are now often scrambled with different offers. Retailers often look at the state to determine what is taxable or not, but that doesn`t work in Colorado. The state of Colorado and state-imposed jurisdictions do not tax optional agreements, but Lakewood and a few other cities with the reign of the house. See FYI 70 Warranties and Maintenance Agreements As any Lakewood Colorado car dealership discovered recently during the audit, Colorado State cities can and do make a difference in the taxation of extended warranty and maintenance contracts.

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