1965 Normalisation Agreement

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2. Despite the above, a series of rulings last year by the Supreme Court of Korea, among other things, ordered Japanese companies to pay compensation to the applicants. These decisions are extremely regrettable and totally unacceptable. The decisions clearly violate Article II of the agreement and cause unjustified damage and costs to the aforementioned Japanese companies. Most importantly, the decisions completely overturn the legal basis for friendly and cooperative relations that Japan and the Republic of Korea have developed since the normalization of diplomatic relations in 1965. 77 The exact number of Korean inhabitants in Japan at the end of January 1965: “Chosen” -349,407; EOK-230.072. See Statement by the Minister of Justice, House of Representatives, 50 ses, Special Committee on Korean Problems, No. 7 (October 30, 1965), p. 6. 90 House of Representatives, 50 ses. , Special Commission on Korean Problems, No. 6 (October 29, 1965), p. 27; House of Councillors, 50th Sess., Special Committee on the Korean Problem, No.

8 (Dec 2, 1965), 45. Yoo Euy-sang, diplomat and author of “Diplomatic Propriety – Our Interestty With Japan,” says that the 1965 Korea-Japan agreement is an important moment in Korea`s diplomatic history and should be fully reassessed in light of all factors. These include the political context of the time, the interpretation of the history of the other party, its willingness to meet, third-party intervention, Korea`s then very weak diplomatic infrastructure and Korea`s economic status at the time. It was confirmed that all agreements or agreements between the Empire of Japan and the Empire of Korea on 22 August 1910 were already null and void and non-abortive. [5] 35 House of Councillors, 50th, plenary sessions, No. 8 (November 19, 1965), 14; House of Representatives, 50 ses, Special Commission on Korean Problems, No. 3 (October 26, 1965), p. 4.

41 This letter is published in the House of Representatives, 50 ses, plenary sessions, No. 13 (December 1, 1965)0, p. 3. 1 Only the basic relations treaty has an authentic text in English, 4 Int. Legal Materials 924 (1965). Other important agreements for the ratification of both parties are agreements on the resolution of property and debt problems and economic cooperation, the agreement on art and cultural cooperation, the agreement on the legal status and treatment of nationals of the Republic of Korea residing in Japan, as well as the fisheries agreement. In addition to these agreements, 20 other documents were signed on the same day. The English translation of the chords is published at 4 Int. Legal Materials 1128 (1965) and 5 Hid.

Iil. The English text of all relevant documents produced by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is published in The Japanese Annual of International Law, Vol. 23 Z.B. Prime Minister`s Statement to the Chamber of Deputies, 50th, plenary sessions, No. 8 (November 19, 1965), p. 13; Statement by The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Desatratshaus, 50 ses, plenary sessions, No. 5 (October 16, 1965), p. 12; House of Representatives, 50. Sess., Special Committee on Korean Problems, No. 8 (November 1, 1965), p.

5. 37 Z.B., Prime Minister`s Statement, House of Councillors, 50th Sess., Special Committee on the Korean Problem, No. 5 (Oct. 28, 1965), 10-11. In his 1974 lecture with the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Eisaku Sata explicitly mentioned the basic relations treaty between Japan and South Korea. He stressed that the essential aspects of the expanded negotiations that highlighted the bilateral agreement were “the central idea of equality and mutual benefit and the realistic approach to friendship with close neighbours.” [3] 88 Change of obligations in the EOK fishing area, 22 June 1965. The notes state: “The boundaries of the fishing area to be created by the Republic of Korea and the following lines must be temporarily considered as part of the fishing area of the Republic of Korea.

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